How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online (and Where to Shop)

Engagement rings should be special since they are for special occasions. Proposals are one of the most important events in a couple’s life. This is the time when the man decides to make their relationship end in marriage. That’s why getting a special engagement ring for your partner is relevant. Make a simple engagement ring unique by knowing the 7 ways to get her a unique engagement ring. 

Go For Something Fancy 

How can I make my engagement ring special? Make it extraordinary by getting fancy diamonds for your center stone. It is always common to have a colorless diamond since everybody loves it, however, the uniqueness will not be that prominent anymore. For some women, colorful is better. Some women like fancy colored jewelry since they believe it is livelier and more unique. You can opt for rare colored diamonds such as pink ones or other colored diamonds that come in shades of gray, orange, brown, and green. These colored diamonds can be more pricey than colorless but that’s what it takes to make your engagement ring unique then go for it. 

Using a Gemstone Instead of Diamonds 

Diamond engagement rings are traditional and are commonly used on proposals. However other gemstones can be a good choice since they are also as precious as diamonds. You can choose a gemstone that corresponds to the birthstone of your partner to make the engagement ring more personalized. Gemstones are also less pricey than diamonds, if you are on a tight budget this can be the perfect alternative for diamonds. 

Combine Metals 

Metals used in engagement rings come in many forms such as platinum, gold, and silver. Instead of choosing only one, why not give it a twist and combine at least two of them. As your jeweler for a recommendation in what metal combines best. Metals can support the durability of your ring. So, it is wise to choose the best among them. Your ring will increase its durability as well as enhance the appearance of your ring by combining them. 

Go Vintage 

Making your engagement ring pattern a vintage design can make it more unique. Most vintage designs come with different touches, their intricate designs make them unique. Patterning your engagement ring to a vintage look can make it extraordinary and stand out from the rest. A little complication can make your ring special. 

Add a Pop of Color 

Most engagement rings can be composed of colorless diamonds. How about putting accessory stones on your engagement ring to enhance its center stone and make it livelier and more attractive. Popping a color gemstone around a colorless diamond can boost up the appearance of the center stone and can make it appear bigger. Bigger stones are easier to see and get the attention it seeks. 

Customized Your Engagement Ring 

Engagement rings can be customized according to your partner’s preference. Each detail can be possibly created based on your partner’s preference. For instance, the shape of the center stone can be her favorite shape and even in her favorite color. Make a layout and have your jeweler create it. 

Choose Unique Ring Setting 

Settings are important too since this can reveal the beauty of the ring. Ready-made designs are available for you to choose from, but customizing your setting can be better. It can make your engagement one of a kind. Combining different settings can make you come up with an extraordinary design. Do your research and learn more about the settings available for engagement rings then choose which one to combine. Ask your jewelry to make this combination possible. Almost all jewelry stores offer customized engagement rings since they know that most women want something unique. 

With these 7 ways to get her a unique engagement ring, I hope you can create an idea on how to make your engagement ring unique and more impressive. Use your inspiration to make the engagement ring as unique as possible. Know your partner more and use these references to match it with the engagement ring you will be creating. Make that happen by working on each detail with your jeweler, they will be your partner in making your partner’s dream engagement ring come true.