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When a webpage hosted on the same server is under cyber attack, it could put other web pages hosted on the same server at risk, too. So, even though shared hosting seems like an affordable option, it still has its restrictions and disadvantages.

Therefore, more and more companies are moving towards safe hosting options like dedicated hosting. A dedicated server hosting in India provides the convenience of renting an exclusive server without the need for sharing. A recent statistic shows that around 26.7% of businesses opt for dedicated web hosting services.

If you are planning to buy a dedicated server, the below guide can help you optimise your dedicated server hosting.

Tricks to Optimise Your Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Transit to HTTP/2 

Google had created HTTP/2 to speed up the webpage page, which shall help to reduce loading delay due to heavy resources. The default dedicated hosting makes use of HTTP/1.1. which is not that advanced; therefore, upgrading to HTTP/2 is best for faster-loading web pages.

You can only make use of HTTP/2 with an SSL certificate. So get yourself an SSL certificate.

  • Adjust your priority-setting 

The best way to optimise your dedicated server is to make changes in priority settings. Usually, servers run on default priority, unaware that changing them to high priority will decrease their page loading time and also cut down on overall latency. 

It is also important to understand that the level of priority you need also depends on your OS, so choose wisely.

  • JavaScript delivery optimisation 

Java script is one of the essential reasons for lags in page loading. Your browsers can automatically stop working until your JavaScript is rendered completely; it is also known as JavaScript Render-Blocking.

You can avoid these lags by making changes in settings. Further, make sure to review coding regularly and also decrease the sizes of your webpage files for best performance. 

  •  Ensure security

Security enhancement is essential as it significantly impacts your speed and overall performance on how your server works—any compromise on your security setting can increase the risk of cyber attacks.

Therefore, make security your top priority to control the risk of downtime, speed issues or any other similar issues.

  • Proxy server

Get yourself a backup server for extra peace of mind so that if web page data is compromised, having a proxy server can be handy. It will ensure the backup of essential files, which will help in the smooth functioning of your tasks until you understand the cause of the problem.

  • Ensure there is no hotlinking

Usually, when someone likes an image on your webpage, they need to ask permission to download and upload it on their webpage. But mostly, people skip the permission step and copy-paste it, which is known as hotlinking.

When people visit their site with your image, it’s actually your server doing the work as your server handles requests, and it uses up your server’s power. As more people hotlink, your server works overtime, leaving less room for your site’s needs.

But you can stop hotlinking with root access as it helps to protect your webpage and save your server resources.


The most significant advantage of dedicated server hosting is its performance and control that it serves its users. It is capable enough to handle very high traffic with ease, as you don’t have to share resources with anyone else, and you get the freedom to control your server resources. So, if you are planning for a dedicated server in India, go for it, as it is worth the investment.