June 9, 2023


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Does Mississippi Have Solar Incentives?

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People in Mississippi are now shifting to solar energy as their source of power. Solar energy is known to give benefits to users and, if asked about it, does Mississippi have solar incentives? The reason behind this is they want to be more environmentally friendly, and they can get more benefits, such as solar incentives in Jackson Mississippi

Mississippi Solar Power Incentives

There are solar power incentives for homeowners who want to avail themselves of solar panel installation. This is one of the reasons why people would prefer a financial option that would qualify them to get the incentives. 

Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)

Residences of Mississippi can get 26% of the federal tax credit if they purchase solar panel installation. This incentive is available until the end of 2022, so better take advantage of this. The good thing about it is all residents of Mississippi are eligible to get a federal tax credit. If the tax credit can not be used for the first year, it will then be credited in the next until all your incentives go to zero. Solar panels and batteries are included in the federal tax incentive. For instance, your PV system IS $18,000, then you can get $4,680 for your tax credit. With this incentive, more and more Mississippi residences want to have solar panels installed in their homes. Federal tax credits can help residences to reduce their taxes as well as provide them with renewable sources of energy. By using solar energy, they will not only save money from their reduced bills but also be able to get a federal tax credit. 

Net Metering In Mississippi

In Mississippi there is no net metering policy like in other states, so instead solar companies would offer their clients if they want their solar panel system to be connected to their grid. Solar panel owners and companies can both benefit from this setup. Once solar panels produce excess energy, they will be directed to the company’s grid. When the owner needs it, the company can give it back. Net metering is a good way to save energy that is not being used. Even if your solar panel system has batteries, net metering can still be useful. 

Mississippi Solar Rebates

For solar rebates, this will depend on the solar panel companies if they can give rebates to their clients. Most solar providers give rebates as a part of their marketing strategies. In this way, they can get more clients and clients will continue to patronize their products and services. They can give up to a 10% rebate and that’s good enough to encourage people to avail of their solar panel services.  

Things to Consider in Choosing  a Good Solar Company

Check their Warranty 

Apart from the incentives you can get, a warranty is also a relevant part when planning to purchase a solar panel system. Solar panels can last 25 years, which means that the warranty can save you a lot if you need maintenance and repairs for your solar panel system. Maintenance and repair are also pricey, that’s why choosing a solar company that uses high-quality brands in their installation will be a good choice. Since high-quality materials are equal to high durability. 

Choose Experts

An established company will be an ideal choice. More years of experience in the industry means deeper knowledge. Choose a solar provider who has long-time technicians, since this means that they work as a team, and they can give satisfactory service and installation. Getting a solar panel system from this company gives you the security that they will be able to assist you in any way with your solar panel system. 

Now that we have answered the question: Does Mississippi have solar incentives? Hope it can help you decide if a solar panel system is worth having. Incentives are not the only benefit you can get when you decide to have a solar panel installation. It can also help you reduce your bill, have power even during power outages, and invest your money in a good investment. ROI can be expected in 5 to 7 years of usage of your solar panel system. So check with your nearest solar provider in Mississippi and discuss with them the best option for your home.

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