Suppose you build a website in NZ, and for this, you require the best website providers, top Web Hosting services, and many more to establish a solid foundation on the internet. 

However, before that, it is also essential to know what kind of services, types of NZ web host services, and different types of Web Servers complement your NZ Web Hosting. It helps you to choose an NZ Web Hosting company with confidence.

So, Let’s learn about the most prevalent Web Server kinds and their essential attributes utilized in Web Hosting sites.

Different Types Of Web Servers In Web Hosting

  • Apache HTTP Server (Apache)

The Apache HTTP Server is a prominent Web Server created and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation. 

It supports almost 60% of operating systems such as Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Unix, FreeBSD, and more worldwide. 

Moreover, it is an open-source server, providing high flexibility and customization according to your requirements.

  • Internet Information Server (IIS)

Internet Information Web Server is a product of Microsoft. It looks like an Apache Web Server. IIS shares approximately 10% of the websites powering the market.

 It offers smooth integration with Microsoft technologies and supports various programming languages such as ASP.NET and PHP. 

IIS is not an open-source server, so if you want to make any custom changes, it will not be possible from your end. 

However, it offers robust security, features, and good customer support and will be best suited to hosting Windows-specific applications.

  • Nginx Web Server

Nginx, pronounced like “engine-ex,” is an open server like Apache. It gives high-performance tablets and simple configurations and frequently outperforms popular Web Servers, mainly when dealing with static content and heavy concurrent requests. 

Rather than spawning new processes for each thread request, it is designed to offer low memory utilization and high concurrency. 

As a result, Nginx Web Servers also become popular nowadays. 

  • Sun Java Web Server

Sun Java is also a Web Server from Sun Microsystems suitable for medium to larger websites. 

It supports various languages such as Web 2.0, such as Perl, Python, JSP, Java Servlets, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP, Coldfusion, etc. 

It is not an open-source server but is well-suited to Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms.

  • Jigsaw Web Server

Jigsaw is a Web Server developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and now becomes a popular choice for developers who are more into Web Server technology and HTTP protocols. 

This server allows customization and the extended server’s functionality because of its modular design. It suits most operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows. 

Furthermore, it supports various features and languages like CGI, PHP, Python, and SSL/TLS encryption.


In short, a Web Server plays a vital role in hosting by facilitating the delivery of website content to visitors. 

So it will be better to know some of the most popular Web Servers, their strengths, and their suitability for different hosting environments. 

It will enable you to choose an NZ Web Host company wisely and ensure that your website will have the best possible speed and reliability.